Global Wealth Report 2018

Have you ever wondered how wealthy you are compared to others? Now can stop wondering and shamelessly compare yourself to others using the latest data.

Median adult wealth on our planet is only 4,210 dollars. 50% of the adults have less than that to their name.

Wealth numbers of the world:

  • The top 50% of the richest adults have minimum of 4,210 dollars.
  • The top 10% of the richest adults have minimum of 93,170 dollars.
  • The top 1% of the richest adults have minimum of 871,320 dollars.

It seems like I could reach the top 1 percent world-wide wealth during my lifetime and I am already in the top 10 percents. Asia and Africa are making me look good.

Typically media talks about the 1 percent wealth in the USA. There you would need a net worth of over 10 million dollars to reach the top 1 percent wealth. Becoming a millionaire isn’t even enough for the top 10% ranking.

How about the average wealth? You still probably remember the median wealth of the 4210 dollars. The average wealth in the world is about 15 times higher since the super rich increase the average numbers a lot.

Average wealth per personMedian wealth per person
Africa4,138 USD332 USD
Asia-Pacific48,119 USD2,384 USD
China47,810 USD16,333 USD
Europe144,903 USD18,153 USD
India7,024 USD1,289 USD
Latin America18,605 USD4,372 USD
North America391,690 USD65,022 USD
World63,100 USD4,209 USD

As we can see from the numbers above, it’s a lot easier to reach median wealth than average wealth. Average wealth is something much more than what the median person has. Median wealth would give you the typical wealth of a person you might meet.


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